First of all: We are no therapists, even though we like to work with a therapeutic approach. Maybe we're going to (be able to) offer actual therapies eventually. However, this will then forbid to give massages to the same client (which would from a legal point of view at least (!) questionable for - in my opinion - very good reasons).

Our massages will be no substitute for a therapy - never. However, we are convinced that they are able to reasonably support therapies of quite some issues. Indeed, in other cases sensual massage - especially tantric massages - should be applied with outmost care or not at all. Thus for the benefit of us all, we reserve our right to refuse to give or to break off a massage, which you will not be accounted for (refer to the corresponding remarks in the section "Costs", as well). Generally, we are not able to accept clients after ingestion of alcohol or psychotropic drugs - you won't do yourself a favor accepting a tantric massage, as well. Believe me...

We gladly work with therapists in terms of cooperations - contact us.


It may sound paradoxical: I have a legal "healing license" (that's actually the literal translation of the german phrase) - and I don't believe in "healers" (including physicians, alternative practitioners, and emphatically myself!). The reason is, that I'm convinced that everyone('s body) is solely responsible for his own healing in the long run. Always. However, we "healers" have a chance to give others "a better start" on the way to their healing or recovery.

Insofar, our clients may well perceive a "healing effect". Apart from that we presume that our massages are appropriate for the physical and mental healthy beings.

After all: That's something, isn't it?